Lipreading Mom Becomes a Teacher

It is official: This summer I earn my Masters in Early Childhood Special Education… and I have been hired as an early childhood special education teacher for a public school district for 2017-2018. A huge thank you to all my blog friends who have been so supportive as I went back to school. As a lipreading mom of three, pursuing a new career path after 20 years in the writing profession was a big leap of faith. Everyone’s support and prayers made this new career path possible.

Thank you, thank you!



16 thoughts on “Lipreading Mom Becomes a Teacher

  1. Shanna, congratulations. Your little students and parents will bless you
    for your good work. Vicki Douglas

  2. Congratulations from one ECE professional to another. What a feat your have accomplished. I just completed my bachelors in Child Development and Family relations after working in the field for almost 3 decades. I know you will be a asset in the field.

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