The Power of Connection During Social Distancing

Lipreading Mom

I hope you are doing well during these unbelievable times. My family is making the most of our time at home and trying to stay healthy. For the next few weeks, my workplace and community will follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. What does that look like for a Lipreading Mom?

The Power of Captioned Video 

Teachers at my school have almost daily video conferences to share updates about our students, parent resources for homeschooling, and tips for how to work from home. A number of video chat technologies exist, with Zoom being one of the most common. However, my colleagues have opted for Microsoft Teams for chats and Microsoft Stream for video sharing. The cool thing about both technologies is they offer captions. The not-so-cool-thing? These captions are auto-generated. However, I know many of you use various computer aided real-time translation (CART) or video captioning services for live and taped broadcasts. A service I am most familiar with is 2020 Captioning.

Speaking of videos, check out yours truly teaching her students some sign language remotely here.

The Power of Exercise

Where I live, temperatures are now in the 60s most days. My high school-age daughter and I have taken our cocker spaniel on quite a few walks through the neighborhood this week. It has given us both a chance to breathe, have long talks, and wave to our neighbors from a minimum of six feet away.

How are you managing with our world’s events? Please drop me a line and let me know how you are.


Our doggy isn’t bothered at all by social distancing, and he loves the long walks!


2 thoughts on “The Power of Connection During Social Distancing

  1. Hi Shanna! Love that you are writing again! I am spending this time at home to catch up on projects, journaling, planted a garden, lots of reading, watercolor painting, cleaning out closets, trying new recipes, daily walk or bike ride, games with family, and meditation. ❤️

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