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The Fight for Captions, Accessibility, and ADA Compliance

The Fight for Captions, Accessibility, and ADA Compliance

Since the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law by President George H.W. Bush 30 years ago, I have personally witnessed several excuses for lack of communication accessibility in public spaces. “We don’t have the budget for that.” “You must be a paid subscriber to enable subtitles.” “We don’t handle accessibility matters. So and so … Continue reading


The Power of Connection During Social Distancing

The Power of Connection During Social Distancing

I hope you are doing well during these unbelievable times. My family is making the most of our time at home and trying to stay healthy. For the next few weeks, my workplace and community will follow COVID-19 social distancing guidelines. What does that look like for a Lipreading Mom? The Power of Captioned Video  … Continue reading

Captioning Advocates Are Needed! An Interview with the Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC)

One of Lipreading Mom’s favorite organizations is CCAC—Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning. Founder Lauren Storck leads volunteers worldwide on a variety of captioning advocacy projects. One of them—Show Me the Captions—promoted going to see captioned cinema films and encouraged everyone to ask for theaters to “Show me the captions!” I recently asked Lauren a … Continue reading

Warren Theatres to Show Captioned Movies

If you live near a Warren Theatre and haven’t been able to enjoy captioned movies there, you are in luck. The Wichita, Kansas-based theater chain is currently testing captioning equipment for all of its locations. Warren Theatres was brought to my attention by Aaron Michael Smith, a member of the Deaf community in Oklahoma City. … Continue reading

What Happened to Netflix Captioning? An Update

The truth about Netflix‘s recent lack of captions has been revealed. And thank goodness. Lipreading Mom was about to permanently cancel her trial subscription. According to Mike Chapman, a volunteer advocate with the Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC), Netflix’s captioning system went “haywire” over the past week. CCAC has partnered with me on … Continue reading

How Captions Allow Lipreading Mom to Worship

The sermon series was promoted for weeks before I finally sat through the first message. On a warm summer morning, my husband and I sat in our usual place: front row center in the church auditorium. The closer to the stage, the more likely I could lipread the pastor. That theory worked until the audience … Continue reading

Uncaptioned Movies = Sad Mom

The trip to my local AMC movie theater was a spontaneous Father’s Day present. My two older kids wanted to honor Dad and catch a matinee showing of Toy Story 3. I tagged along since all the Pixar movies were such a hit with our family. My husband and children spent the next two-and-a-half hours … Continue reading