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Can Weather Captions Save Lives in Tornado Alley?

My first experience with a tornado was at the age of five. My Oklahoma childhood home in the late 1970s, as well as all those in our neighborhood, didn’t have a basement or cellar. A group of 20 of us gathered in an underground community storm shelter. We sat in complete darkness, save for the … Continue reading


A Story About Six of My ‘Girlfriends’

This weekend, I traveled to Atchison, Kansas, as guest speaker for the inaugural “Grace & Girlfriends.” The one-night Christian event gathered women from different states for three hours of music, storytelling, and oodles of encouragement. It was the brainchild of author and speaker Pamela Sonnenmoser with Fresh Cup Ministries. I watched the attendees, ages 7 … Continue reading

Warren Theatres to Show Captioned Movies

If you live near a Warren Theatre and haven’t been able to enjoy captioned movies there, you are in luck. The Wichita, Kansas-based theater chain is currently testing captioning equipment for all of its locations. Warren Theatres was brought to my attention by Aaron Michael Smith, a member of the Deaf community in Oklahoma City. … Continue reading

Can You Write an Interesting Lipreading Mom Photo Caption?

Occasionally on Fridays, I’ll post an interesting photo from my family archives. If you post here a caption for this photo—something clever, witty, inspirational, whatever—you will be entered into a drawing for an autographed copy of Lipreading Mom’s book, Lip Reader. Please: PG-rated captions only. No vulgar captions allowed. Winner will be drawn and announced … Continue reading

Can Captions Help Our Kids Learn?

As the mom of three young children, I am concerned about the programs they watch on TV and the Internet. While there are parental controls for what they view on television, there is no control over whether or not the programs they watch via computer are captioned. I partnered with the Collaboration for Communication Access … Continue reading

What Happened to Netflix Captioning? An Update

The truth about Netflix‘s recent lack of captions has been revealed. And thank goodness. Lipreading Mom was about to permanently cancel her trial subscription. According to Mike Chapman, a volunteer advocate with the Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC), Netflix’s captioning system went “haywire” over the past week. CCAC has partnered with me on … Continue reading

Tell Netflix to Bring Back Captions

Lipreading Mom urges you to bombard Netflix today and this weekend with the message to bring back captions! Recently, Netflix made the decision to reduce captioned programming with no explanation as to why. *This is unacceptable.* Go to the official Netflix Contact Page, and let your voice be heard. Let Netflix know: 1) People with … Continue reading