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Are Captioning Glasses Really the Wave of the Future?

What’s black, worn over the eyes, and communicates in fluorescent green text? Why, captioning glasses, of course. My latest adventure at the cinemaplex featured the latest captioning equipment on the market: Sony Entertainment Access Glasses. Yesterday my friend, Terri, and I ventured to a Regal movie theater to wear one of only 10 sets of … Continue reading

Can You Lip Read the Lorax?

I have often wondered how generations before closed captioning survived animated movies. My memory goes back to the first cartoon I ever saw in a theater. Actually, “Pete’s Dragon” was part animated, part live action. There I was at the age of three with my daddy and big sister, watching a smiling green dragon breathe … Continue reading

A Captioned Cell Phone…Technology Rocks!

How many of you avoid using cell phones because of the challenges of hearing? Let me introduce you to my new friend, Sprint CapTel. A couple of months ago, I was invited to film a commerical with Sprint to promote its latest product—the wireless captioned phone. Known as Sprint CapTel, this technology allows those of … Continue reading