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When All You Have Is Your Family…and Exhaustion

On Thanksgiving, I turned 40 years old. The next day, my five-year-old son and I began coughing. We coughed well into the night and the next day. When I couldn’t take it any more, Little Boy and I headed to an urgent care clinic. The “sleep and drink lots of fluids” recommendation didn’t settle with … Continue reading

A Tribute to My Dad, the Police Officer

When I think of heroes, a quiet, gentle man with a police badge comes to mind. I was three months old when my dad entered law enforcement. Over the years, he served as a lake ranger, patrol officer for small towns and large cities, sheriff deputy, and chief of police. This month, my dad, who … Continue reading

Want to be My Motivation Partner?

A long time ago, I began writing the sequel to my first book, Lip Reader. With the first draft half complete, my laptop locked up and died. I thought the sequel died with it. Then I found an email I’d sent to myself, and it had the manuscript attached. My book had been saved. But … Continue reading