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Lipreading Mom’s Interview with Hearing Loss LIVE!

Lipreading Mom’s Interview with Hearing Loss LIVE!

I recently was interviewed for Hearing Loss LIVE!, a website dedicated to hearing loss awareness. Created by Chelle Wyatt, Julia Stepp, and Michele Linder (all of whom live with hearing loss), the HLL site’s philosophy is two-fold: “We help you help yourself” and “We’re changing the status quo of hearing loss help. One size does … Continue reading


Captioning Advocates Are Needed! An Interview with the Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC)

One of Lipreading Mom’s favorite organizations is CCAC—Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning. Founder Lauren Storck leads volunteers worldwide on a variety of captioning advocacy projects. One of them—Show Me the Captions—promoted going to see captioned cinema films and encouraged everyone to ask for theaters to “Show me the captions!” I recently asked Lauren a … Continue reading