Answer this Question: What Were You Doing Five Years Ago?

Lipreading Mom's Oklahoma book tour, 2009

Lipreading Mom’s Oklahoma book tour, 2009

Five years ago this month, my first book debuted. A book tour followed, with stops in Nashville, Tennessee; Kansas City; Oklahoma City; and the small town that inspired the book—Chickasha, Oklahoma. Lip Reader is a work of fiction, but the story has some true elements. The main character, Sapphie, is a reflection of me as a child, circa 1984. Characters Grandpa and Grandma Bebop are similar to my late grandparents, who lived most of their lives in southwestern Oklahoma. And the setting for Lip Reader is…southwestern Oklahoma.

 To celebrate Lip Reader’s fifth anniversary, I am giving away *five* eBook copies to five faithful Lipreading mom readers. All you have to do is answer this question for me in the comments section: What were *you* doing five years ago this month? Winners will be announced soon on my blog, as well as my Facebook and Twitter pages. I look forward to reading your comments.



14 thoughts on “Answer this Question: What Were You Doing Five Years Ago?

  1. Five years ago this month, tmrw tHe 12th to be exact I was at the emergency with my 23 year old son who was having a brain stem stroke. He needs a heart transplant and his heart went into atrial fib and a piece broke apart from a blood clot lodged in his ventricle. No one knew until it happened. They told us to make our arrangements for him but they didn’t know my sons determination. They said he wouldnt move and he does. They said he wouldn’t eat except from a tube. That tube is gone and he eats. They said he would not get into a wheel chair and he is. They said he would not walk yet he takes steps with a walker and balance help to 10 feet. And now he is starting to talk five years later! He was locked In for over a month and could not communicate except for blinking and yet here he is. Five years ago this month I was guarding, mothering,nursing and taking care of my inspiration, my hero, my son.

    • DJ – You have won a Lip Reader eBook. Congratulations! When you get a moment, please send me your email address to lipreadingmom(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks!

  2. Shanna. I have had a rough few weeks. This past week as I sat by my dad’s bedside in hospice, I pulled out my Kindle anxious to read something. Your book called out to me. I am happy to say that I just finished it and truly loved reading your story. I will be posting a review on Amazon and Goodreads soon.

  3. Can’t find my calendar but I had been reading your blogs while you were writing each chapter of the book, and realizing that I had “been” there, Chickasha, as well as other points SW Oklahoma (my in-laws had lived and worked in Cordell, Anadarko, Apache, Lawton, and other points in between. In the month of June, I was taking my son to and from summer camp, and we were on the downward spiral of my mother-in-law’s life, just about 10 months away from her death.

  4. Five years ago this month I attended the Hearing Loss Association of
    America ‘Conference 2009’ in Nashville, TN. That’s where I met Shanna Groves and purchased an autographed copy of her new book titled “Lip Reader”. Shanna wrote underneath her signature the words Jeremiah 29:11-13. At the conclusion of the conference, I completely read her book on my airline flight back to Tampa, FL. I enjoyed the book very much.

  5. 5 years ago this month would have been my first summer vacation from school with a little girl that just graduated from kindergarten and a little boy that would be 1 late in the summer. I am sure I was busy and running after kids.

  6. Not sure on the exact month, but 5 summers ago I was in Enid, Oklahoma! My mother moved there from Michigan years ago when my stepdad got a job at the local newspaper. I was several months pregnant with my daughter, and had flown there with my 2 1/2 year old son. It was quite a trip, but well worth it to see family and be introduced to the beautiful state of Oklahoma!

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