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All Things Must Come to an End … And a New Beginning

This week, I read an email from a well-known author about a realization that her days of making a living as an author and speaker may be coming to an end. Her honesty and insight struck me. For over a year, I have felt the nudging that my days as an author and speaker may … Continue reading


What I Learned on My 40th Birthday

Happy New Year, friends! The holidays brought lots of celebrating in the Lipreading Mom house, including three birthday parties. One of those parties was mine. Now that I am a young 40 years old, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with the rest of my life (and what I don’t). Can you … Continue reading

Want to be My Motivation Partner?

A long time ago, I began writing the sequel to my first book, Lip Reader. With the first draft half complete, my laptop locked up and died. I thought the sequel died with it. Then I found an email I’d sent to myself, and it had the manuscript attached. My book had been saved. But … Continue reading