Please Don’t Judge My Blog By Its Photo

Ainsley's lips with lipstick

I just had someone make fun of the photo above on my blog. Let me share the story of why I use it…

Once upon a time, my sweet little girl, who has the prettiest smile I know, chipped and discolored her front tooth in a playground accident. She was 4 years old. On the day of our photo shoot for my book Lip Reader, the photographer captured several images of my daughter, one of which made it on the book cover. She wasn’t smiling in that one.

Lip Reader Cover2

At the end of taking photos, she asked if she could wear some of her Mommy’s lipstick. When I let her put the lipstick all over her lips, she flashed her smile.

Even with her chipped and discolored baby teeth and lipstick smeared all over, I thought she looked beautiful. Two years later, those baby teeth were gone, and her permanent teeth appeared—white and straight.

As a mom, I honor my daughter’s decision to smile because it showed her courage and heart.

The End.


14 thoughts on “Please Don’t Judge My Blog By Its Photo

  1. Hey Shanna, thanks for that explanation about that odd photo of your darling daughter. I’ve often wondered about that, and the cover of your book. Now I understand. She IS DARLING and so self-confident and fun. You are a good mom. It shows in your children. I’m so honored to be a small part of your life and to be able to call you my friend. LOVE AND HUGs… MamaSally

  2. Do not let others poison you with their bitterness or their comments, Shanna! My stepson had a playground accident when he was 5-6- fell on his face,being tripped up by an ankle twirly skip thing. There’s a technical term for that contraption, but can’t remember what it’s called. His front teeth are still messed up from that incident…root canals, and crooked jagged teeth being filed down, etc. Looking at braces, I’m pretty sure.
    Anyway, your whole family is adorable, including your daughter on that cover! So be it! Luvoo!

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