Do You Have a Hearing Loss Question? Ask Lipreading Mom!

Ask Lipreading Mom

I’ve always wanted to be Dear Abby. In the fourth grade, I taped an envelope to my school desk with the words “Have a question? Ask Shanna!” scribbled on it. Friends would write notes with questions about homework, friendship, and when to start dating (My advice to the latter: “You’re too young!”). So it seemed only logical as a Lipreading Mom today that I can help others going through hearing loss.

My new advice column, “Ask Lipreading Mom,” debuted this weekend on the site Every Saturday, a new question and my advice will appear there. I will do my best as a non-expert with 12 years of hands-on hearing loss experience to answer your questions or refer the hard ones to the experts. Some of your questions may relate to topics already covered on the Lipreading Mom blog, such as hearing aids, tinnitus, and sign language. If you don’t see your question already answered on my blog, contact me. To post your questions, send me a message by clicking on this link.

I want to help you!

But if you ask me whether your 9-year-old child can date, my answer is still a resounding “She’s too young!”


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