Lipreading Mom’s Service Dog Finally Has a Name

After two months of living as a nameless yet lovable canine, our Service Dog finally has a name—thanks to one Lipreading Mom reader. And the winning name for our furry friend is…

Thank you for giving me a name!

Thank you for giving me a name!

Congratulations to Monica Hood from Ohio for suggesting the name SERVANE which, she writes, means “service of God.”

My 8-year-old daughter, who owns the Service Dog, saw that name and announced, “Mom, that’s my favorite.” The very close runner-up, according to my daughter: ANGEL, recommended by Tina Willoughby of Georgia. In appreciation of your efforts and because this was such a close race, I am sending both Monica and Tina e-book versions of my novel, Lip Reader.

Why Does Our Service Dog Deserve a Name?

When my daughter’s Christmas present arrived from American Girl, it was love at first sight. The plush chocolate brown stuffed animal wore a royal blue vest and sturdy leash. This precious dog was touted as a service animal by American Girl. I personally know people who are blind, deaf-blind, or have mobility issues who own a service dog. Every pet who serves others in this way is worthy of recognition and honor.

Our furry friend thanks you for helping finally giving him a name. (Ruff! Ruff!)

Check out the other cutie-pie names people suggested for our pet below…


18 thoughts on “Lipreading Mom’s Service Dog Finally Has a Name

  1. Boy name: Georgie
    Girl name: Gwen

    Service dogs are named with one letter per litter. I picked “g” for Groves. Have fun and enjoy your newest family member!

  2. I will suggest Yumi for a girl (Japanese for beauty and friend) or Benigno for a boy. Benigno can be shortened to Ben or Benny and means “kind, friendly” in Latin.

  3. My nomination is MOCHA.


    Your daughter’s service pup is chocolately brown like Mocha –

    ALSO – in memory of a real hearing ear service dog named Mocha who helped her hard of hearinf person Sharon. Mocha served for many years and helped train her replacement as she got to be older and Sharon knew that her time was about up. I never met Mocha as a pup but I imagine she looked pretty close, as she was a beautiful chocolately coffee color as an adult (part Lab, I believe?).

    May your daughter enjoy many years of happiness learning to work and play with her adorable service pup “doll” (I would have loved one when I was a HH youngster!!).


  4. oddly enough, i just posted a list of great dog names on my facebook page yesterday! i work at a dog training/boarding/day care facility, and i meet a lot of dogs with great names. how about these two:
    for a boy: rolf (the piano playing dog from the muppets)
    for a girl: perdita (the mommy dog from 101 dalmations)

    whatever you choose, everyone had some great ideas

  5. Shadow
    I think this adorable service dog should be named Shadow, as he will devotedly ‘shadow’ his owner whereever she goes being of immeasurable support to help accommodate her mobility needs.

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