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Lipreading Mom’s Service Dog Finally Has a Name

After two months of living as a nameless yet lovable canine, our Service Dog finally has a name—thanks to one Lipreading Mom reader. And the winning name for our furry friend is… Congratulations to Monica Hood from Ohio for suggesting the name SERVANE which, she writes, means “service of God.” My 8-year-old daughter, who owns … Continue reading

Why I Chose a Hearing Dog

By Denise Portis of / Guest Blogger Lipreading Mom’s Note: I met Denise through Facebook a few years ago. She has become a wonderful role model for me as a mom thriving with her hearing loss. I am thrilled to learn more about why she chose her hearing dog, Chloe. I didn’t mean … Continue reading

Have You Been to the (Dizzy) World of Vertigo?

By Stephanie Pazicni Karfelt / Guest Blogger Amusement parks. Carnival rides. Roller coasters. Are you a fan? House of mirrors. Swinging bridges. Optical illusions. Are you in? I’ve been trapped here for over a decade now, in my own personal Fun House. My universe is the world of chronic vertigo. We all have our … Continue reading