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How Can *You* Stop Hearing Loss Bullying?

Someone shared an interesting story about a teacher who gave her students a writing prompt: “Can hate be stopped?” Nine out of her 10 students answered, “No, hate cannot be stopped.” Only one student answered, “Yes, it can.” That student, the teacher said, is the most bullied student in the school. How can we stop … Continue reading

How I Overcame My Hearing Loss Fears

My hearing loss progressed after I quit working to become a stay-at-home mom. It really scared the heck out of me that one day I would probably re-enter the workforce. How would I be able to hear my employer, fellow employees, clients, and even the office phone when it rings? It stressed me out to … Continue reading

It Was One of Those Days

  (Lipreading Mom’s Note: I wrote this story when my oldest son was 4 and my daughter was a baby. Neither one of them is in diapers anymore. My, how time flies…)   Maybe it was the sun shining just a little too brightly in my eyes while I tried to sleep in. Or perhaps … Continue reading