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Cerebral Palsy and Hearing Loss Don’t Stop Her

My name is Julie and I was born with Cerebral Palsy (CP) which has resulted in mild walking difficulties, and manual dexterity. I also have a speech and hearing impairment. I was recently fitted with Phonak’s latest hearing aid model, Quest/Q90 in September 2012. The first word that strikes my mind when I was turned … Continue reading

How to Hear Someone on the Phone When You Have Hearing Loss

My ears have a love-hate relationship with the phone. For 12 years, I’ve struggled to hear conversations from a variety of telephones—a regular landline, amplified phone, mobile phone, cell phone with Bluetooth capabilities. I tried phone captioning, but the captions didn’t always interpret word-for-word. Sometimes the words were scrambled or misinterpreted. That’s why I loved … Continue reading

12 Days of a Show Me Your Ears Christmas!

For some of us, Christmas revolved around hearing aids, cochlear implants, and sign language. Hearing loss didn’t keep us from enjoying the gift of conversation with loved ones. We have learned to advocate for ourselves by showing off our hearing devices and letting our fingers do the talking. Lipreading Mom launched the Show Me Your … Continue reading

These Kids Joyfully Show Me Their Ears

I have a lot to learn from children with hearing loss. In the weeks since I launched the Show Me Your Ears campaign, kids from all over the world have posed with their hearing aids and cochlear implants. Their photos are inspiring and fun. These young people aren’t afraid to show off their ears with … Continue reading

Please Say a Prayer for this Sweet Hearing Dog

Bosley is the 7-year-old hearing dog of Rev. Catherine O’Connor from Ontario, Canada. “I was raised lipreading, born hard of hearing,” Catherine writes. “I only got my first hearing aids when I was in my 20s.” Now 54, Catherine wears purple hearing aids while at work only. At home, she lives with her brother, also … Continue reading

Do You Take Hearing Breaks?

This past weekend, my ears got a workout during a writers conference. It started with a meeting room full of attendees networking. I generally love meeting new people, and this was no exception…except for one thing. One of my hearing aids quit working midway through the day. (I later learned the reason why. Keep reading.) … Continue reading

Why Hide When You Can Help Somebody?

When I was asked to speak to a moms group at church, I thought of the boldest way to make an entrance. Holding a plastic scepter and donning an old bridesmaid’s dress, I twirled around the room singing. “I am a princess!” It wasn’t the dress or impromptu dance that made me feel courageous. My … Continue reading