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We Are a Village: Kansas City’s First Hearing Loss Summit

We Are a Village: Kansas City’s First Hearing Loss Summit

This past weekend, I joined more than 100 people with hearing loss or deafness at Kansas City’s first-ever Hearing Loss Summit. The crowd included fellow lipreading moms, individuals who were born with hearing loss, those who are culturally Deaf, and adults who are late-deafened. I saw several young children wearing cochlear implants or hearing aids. Sign … Continue reading

When All You Have Is Your Family…and Exhaustion

On Thanksgiving, I turned 40 years old. The next day, my five-year-old son and I began coughing. We coughed well into the night and the next day. When I couldn’t take it any more, Little Boy and I headed to an urgent care clinic. The “sleep and drink lots of fluids” recommendation didn’t settle with … Continue reading

How I Cope with Depression and Hearing Loss

Lipreading Mom has a confession to make: I live with clinical depression. In fact, severe depression can be traced back at least four generations in my family. This is yet one experience I share in my book, Confessions of a Lipreading Mom. One thing I’ve learned about depression and hearing loss: It can be managed. … Continue reading

12 Days of a Show Me Your Ears Christmas!

For some of us, Christmas revolved around hearing aids, cochlear implants, and sign language. Hearing loss didn’t keep us from enjoying the gift of conversation with loved ones. We have learned to advocate for ourselves by showing off our hearing devices and letting our fingers do the talking. Lipreading Mom launched the Show Me Your … Continue reading