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The True Story of How Show Me Your Ears Began

The birth of Show Me Your Ears took place in my minivan. While sitting in the car outside my hearing aid provider’s office last year, I reeled with painful emotions. A hearing test revealed my deepest fear: I had lost more hearing. Worse yet, the hearing aids I wore were no longer powerful enough to … Continue reading

My Hearing Aids Story…In Pictures

Hearing aids are a gift. Imagine hearing birds chirping for the first time, or a baby’s laugh, or a kitten purring. By placing hearing technology in my ears, my whole world of listening goes from gray tones to a Technicolor symphony. When I lost more hearing earlier this year, the two pairs of hearing aids … Continue reading

Wedding Party Shows Off Ears and Cochlear Implants

At the wedding of Todd and Abbie Hlavacek (couple at left), friends with cochlear implants from Advanced Bionics joined together in showing off their bionic ears. Todd received his implants in January 2010 and January 2012, Abbie in August 2007, Gregg Hlavacek (center), Jennifer Thorpe (second from right) in November 2007, and audiologist Tina Childress … Continue reading

Why Do People Who Need Hearing Aids Not Wear Them?

By Indi / Lipreading Mom Guest Blogger Did you know that over half of the people who need hearing aids don’t wear them? There are several factors that contribute to that – the expense, having hearing aids that aren’t adjusted correctly, uncomfortable ear molds issues, denial about hearing loss, etc. But one of the common … Continue reading