CNN, FoxNews Fail to Caption U.S. Presidential Primary Web Videos

The U.S. presidential primary vote in New Hampshire is one of this week’s (if not this year’s) major news stories. However, for the millions of people with hearing loss who rely on captioned content of the important event, network Web sites consistently don’t deliver.

When Lipreading Mom attempted to watch the following network primary videos online, neither were captioned. and provide differing takes of political happenings, but both share one thing in common: Each fails to caption their primary victory videos online.

Lipreading Mom asks that all readers of this blog contact CNN and FoxNews NOW to petition for online captions through the Lipreading Mom Internet Captions Campaign. Network contact information is listed on the Captions Campaign page.

Click on each network listed to watch the uncaptioned New Hampshire presidential primary coverage videos:

Lipreading Mom’s Email to FoxNews

Dear Management,

As followers with hearing loss, we are writing to express our concern about the lack of captions with your online videos.

For instance, tonight’s Mitt Romney New Hampshire primary victory video (URL: was not captioned.

On several occasions, we and friends with hearing loss have wanted to watch online broadcasts on your Website, only to be unable to understand the information you present due to lack of captions.

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting that 34 million U.S. adults have hearing loss, it would be in’s best interest to provide captioned streaming as a way to appeal to this large group of potential viewers. Imagine the level of support and PR your network and site would receive if you launched captioned Internet broadcasts to appeal to this large portion of the U.S. population.

We welcome your thoughts and will be following up with you on behalf of the millions of Americans with hearing loss.

Shanna Groves
Lipreading Mom/CCAC Internet Captions Campaign


Lauren E. Storck
Founder, Collaboration for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC) /


Join the Lipreading Mom Internet Captions Campaign, and make a difference for the millions of people worldwide with hearing loss!


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