Please Say a Prayer for this Sweet Hearing Dog


Bosley is the 7-year-old hearing dog of Rev. Catherine O’Connor from Ontario, Canada.

“I was raised lipreading, born hard of hearing,” Catherine writes. “I only got my first hearing aids when I was in my 20s.”

Now 54, Catherine wears purple hearing aids while at work only. At home, she lives with her brother, also hard of hearing, and sweet Bosley.

Although he looks well, Bosley has been diagnosed with lymphoma and only has a few weeks to live. Please keep this beloved dog and his family in your prayers.

In honor of Bosley’s life and contributions as a hearing dog, he is also prominantly featured on the Show Me Your Ears page.

Hug your furry friends tight, everyone.


6 thoughts on “Please Say a Prayer for this Sweet Hearing Dog

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Bosley. He looks like a wonderful sweet boy. Very soon I am considering a hearing ear dog for myself. As I am profoundly deaf not even with hearing -aids. I hope I am lucky to me matched with a loely dog like Bosley

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