Join Lipreading Mom’s Campaign: Stop Hearing Loss Bullying

Join Lipreading Mom in #StopHearingLossBullying

Join Lipreading Mom in #StopHearingLossBullying

As a person with hearing loss, I have seen bullying first hand. I’ve been called ‘stupid,’ ‘mule-headed,’ and have been nicknamed ‘La-La-Land Shanna.’ I simply want to be known as Shanna. Help the more than 48 million people in the United States and worldwide with hearing loss and deafness by bringing awareness to the need to stop this kind of harassment and bullying. People who are deaf or hard of hearing need acceptance, not rejection, to thrive in school and the workplace.

Sign and Share the #StopHearingLossBullying Petition

Repeat this: “Hearing loss bullying ends…with ME.”





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Other Helpful Anti-Bullying Links: The U.S. Government’s Anti-Bullying Campaign A 12-Year-Old Girl’s Anti-Bullying Campaign

The Power of Words | Stand Up Against Bullying |

Pacers Peer Advocacy Unique Bullying Prevention Model for Students with Disabilities

‘Switched at Birth’ Star Katie Leclerc’s Anti-Bullying Campaign

Should We Care Beyond the School Yard? (Deaf in Prison blog)

Share Your Hearing Loss Bullying Stories

Do you have personal experience with this kind of bullying? Please comment below or send a confidential message to sgrovesuss(at)msn(dot).com.


13 thoughts on “Join Lipreading Mom’s Campaign: Stop Hearing Loss Bullying

  1. Thanks Shanna for taking on the cause to stop bullying! I will do all I can to help spread the word. It’s time to make bullying socially unacceptable.

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  3. I’m a lipreading dadio ! Wow ! Never thought anyone out there in the real world would understand and they assumed I was not normal. Was called deaf pig or deafie mute !I would love to be a public supporter public relation speaker ! My parents nerver knew I was hard of hearing til I was 8 years old. Was put in a program for mental retardation and polio classes . Even those my dad was a physician. Was not aware of my deafness ! The door open up til one day my physical condition coach said, Hey boy ! I want you to play ball for me in low heavy voice ? I said I cannot play football ! I’m in special Ed. Coach said, you can hear me boy ! I said yes sir . Coach said how would you like to be in a regular classes ? said yes sir I would love to play ! He said get on the phone and call your dad. Dad ask me! If I could handle it. I said yes. My door open up. I work as a educational interpreter for the school district plus the afterschool sport activity. I’m also a Realtor. Work for the deaf Ed. Over 30 years. I have a written the 6 levels of Bulling mode that happen in our daily patterns of mode setting. smile, Kenneth kennyboy Kurita Jr.

    • Kenneth – Your comment brought a smile to my face about how far one person can go when just given the chance. No one should be marginalized because he or she can’t hear. How can I learn more about your motivational speaking?

  4. Got bulling treatment while I was growing up in the 70’s (without interpreters) at school because the children didn’t understand what it was like to be in my shoes as a Deaf person. I think today, there are less bullying behaviors thanks to more awareness about ASL and Deaf/HH people that are taught in schools but it ain’t over. The more these kinds of programs are implemented in schools, the less the bullying against Deaf/HH children will be.

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