Lipreading Mom Receives HearStrong Champion Award

HearStrong Champions: my daughter and I

HearStrong Champions: my daughter and I

The HearStrong Foundation in New York recently notified me that I’d been nominated as a HearStrong Champion. This honor wouldn’t have been possible without you, the faithful Lipreading Mom reader. It also wouldn’t have been achieved without my daughter. At nine years of age, she is a loyal helper at my book, speaking, and speechreading class events.

According to HearStrong, a Champion “serves as a role model to empower the 80 percent of people with hearing loss who have yet to seek assistance and motivate them to take control of their hearing health.”

Here is my HearStrong Champion story. Thank you, HearStrong!

Readers—Who Would You Nominate as a HearStrong Champion and Why?

Let me know who this worthy individual is by commenting below. And while you’re at it, consider nominating him or her as a HearStrong Champion.


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