I’m Still Here

For those of you who have supported this blog over the years and to those who have newly joined, I want to say thank you. Over the past year, Lipreading Mom has transitioned from a weekly blog to, um, an every-four-months blog. I can make lots of excuses for the delay in posts as of late, but I won’t. Instead, I thought I would stop by, say ‘hi,’ and let you know how much I appreciate your support.

Also, I am happy to note that my first semester of graduate school is almost over. Being a Lipreading Mom College Student has been quite a ride, with night classes and daily homework. My two in-person classes are made accessible via Computer-Aided Real-Time Translation (CART), meaning that a proficient transcriber types class lectures very fast. I view the CART transcripts in real-time on my tablet. It is nice not having to lip-read professors who sometimes teach via satellite from another location with horrible backlighting. And videos shown in class, for the most part, are automatically captioned without me having to request such features in advance. Hurray for accessible technology!

I want to wish all of you the warmest, most meaningful holiday season. Let’s embrace peace in our own lives and pray for peace in our world.

Many Blessings,




16 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. To: Lipreading Mom:

    I trust you’ve had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family today. You are amazing in all that you do so well for others.

    Richard Herring

  2. Nice to see you, so glad school is going well and CART is working for you. I used it recently and it was wonderful. I was testifying if CART had not been there I would not have felt comfortable giving my answers. Technology can be wonderful when it is available and works right.
    Best to you.

  3. Shanna, am so happy that the technology is available for us that need that help.
    Good work you are doing. It is always good to get your blog.

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