Want to be My Motivation Partner?

A long time ago, I began writing the sequel to my first book, Lip Reader. imageWith the first draft half complete, my laptop locked up and died. I thought the sequel died with it. Then I found an email I’d sent to myself, and it had the manuscript attached. My book had been saved.

But then life happened. We moved. My older kids started a new school. Hubby’s job became more demanding. I had an active toddler. For months, I ignored the email with the half-completed book attached. When I finally sat to peck away at the story from a different computer, something else died: my desire to finish the sequel.

Four years later, here I am with the same incomplete manuscript and several hints that I should get back at it. The kids are all in school, we are long settled in our home, Hubby’s job is going well. And I’ve entered that phase of What Do I Want to Do with Myself Now.

This Monday morning at approximately two o’clock in the afternoon, I sat at the computer and began writing the sequel’s next chapter. It wasn’t easy. The story had so many loose ends and character details I needed to work out.

I titled the new chapter “Part Two.”

Have you ever started a project and let it sit for years untouched? Where did you get your motivation to tackle it again? Want to be each other’s Motivation Partner? I’d love to hear from you.


22 thoughts on “Want to be My Motivation Partner?

  1. My book took that long because of having to stop and recover from what I was reading and writing. I would love to be a motivational partner to you. YOU GO GIRL! YOU CAN DO IT! ONE TAP OF THE KEYBOARD AT A TIME! SLOW AND STEADY!

  2. I’ve found that some things need time to sit just a bit. When the time is right, the project will move very quickly! You’ve probably been “writing” the story in your sub-conscious mind and now, it just needs to be put down on paper. Happy writing!

  3. You should read Stephen King’s Book on Writing. He talks about how to write a book (at least what his habits are), as well as pitfalls such as the one you are encountering at this moment.

  4. Life got in the way…raising kids and loving your family often works that way. You were focusing on the most important things. I have a year and a half before my youngest leaves and the empty nest begins. I know that I will be in need of inspiration to tap into my “unfinished business” too. To fill those empty places, I’m already shifting my thinking knowing that I will need that inspiration to grow up and deal with it. Would love to help with whatever you need. Life is full of adjustments and sometimes we have to give our selves a kick to start off, but then once we are off….well, then who knows?

  5. Yes, I have many unfinished projects that I let go for years untouched. The motivation I get comes from within me to write though I have not channeled it through the publishing world albeit lack of confidence due to my hearing loss. I have published some articles through the Institute of Children’s Literature of which I’m a graduate and Yahoo Contributors Network/Yahoo Voices. In addition I was moderator for a critique group voted by Writers Digest as one of the best sites. We closed it in 2009. I really miss my writer friends and still keep in touch with them from time to time.

    I would love to be a partner in motivating the writing muse. Just let me know.

  6. Hi Shanna:

    I’d like to be your motivation partner because I understand the value of this position. Do you want to start a dialogue with me to ascertain whether or not I would be suitable to you as a motivation partner?

    Personally, I am self motivated in many areas. Now that I’m retired, I have even more time to take on new projects such as mentoring and the like.

    Please let me hear from you regarding your thoughts on all that I’ve said above.


    Richard Herring
    email: rhmann@tampabay.rr.com

  7. Shanna,

    I’m not sure I have ever finished anything I’ve ever started, so I doubt I’m true “partner” material. But I am begging you to finish that book. Some weeks yours are the only sane words I read and comprehend (when I can). You give a voice to all of us struggling with this “invisible crap” and I know if you speak to me, I am only one of many.

    I can at least cheer you on; Please finish that sequel! Your loyal fans and followers await.

    Prayers and positive thoughts from Alabama,


  8. I don’t know that you need a motivation partner, per se. I planned to take a week off after the completion of my first book. I worked on a 2nd book while doing the first one. I ended taking 6 months off. I was so tired of writing, editing, more writing, that I simply did not want to be bothered. I was beginning to think I was going to be a one-book wonder. Then one of the bloggers I follow made a simple comment. Now, I don’t know exactly what she said, but I started writing again. It was somewhat casual, like–’It’s great you can write. You go, girl.’ Nothing fancy or highly motivating; yet, for me, it was the kick start I needed.

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